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FNS, Inc. Logistics provides a differentiated logistics service. You can expect FNS, Inc. Logistics to help you successfully troubleshoot your logistical problems anywhere in the world.

Our Strength

VMI (vendor-managed inventory) HUB Service

FNS, Inc. Logistics provides optimal solutions in the supply logistics sector for manufacturers based on the know-how it has accumulated in connection with its operation of the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) hub of LG Electronics since 1999.

VAL (Value Added Logistics) Service to maximize customers’ profits

FNS, Inc. Logistics now provides an array of services that will enhance the added value of products stored, such as (Re)-Packing, Labeling, Tagging, Sampling, and Repair, based on logistics know-how accumulated over many years.

Prompt and systematic transportation/delivery service

The Company is ready to discuss the customer’s specific logistics needs in an optimal way, paying attention to changes in the logistics environment from JIT (Just In Time) delivery to JIS (Just In Second) delivery.

Advanced information technology system

The Company operates the warehouse management system (WMS) for the optimization of inventory management by analyzing the inventory turnover cycle, by applying methods of enhancing storage efficiency via a reduction of inventory cost and the securing of optimal spaces, and by providing real-time information on the warehousing and shipping out of goods and the status of inventory, with the aim of embodying global supply chain visibility in linked with the Global Single Window system.

Maintaining logistics depots in strategically important locations

FNS, Inc. Logistics operates large-sized logistics/storage depots at Incheon Airport Free Trade Zone and Busan New Port (planned), which are the two leading logistics centers in Korea. These depots serve as two of the biggest Asian Logistics Hubs.