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FNS, Inc. aims to join the ranks of world famous logistics businesses based on an innovative mindset and
a willingness to face every challenges.

Company Profile

FNS, Inc. is an Asset Based Trucking Company and Logistics Firm servicing North America. FNS, Inc. is a $3 Billion Global Logistics Provider headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and is one of the largest 3PL's in the entire Asia Pacific Region.

Since its inception in 1977, and its close relationship with LG Corporation, FNS, Inc. has evolved from an air freight agent to creating Integrated Logistics Solutions for over 2800 companies World Wide.

FNS, Inc. has developed a Global Infrastructure of 155 offices, warehouses, logistic hubs, and freight centers in over 40 Countries and utilizes its FNS, Inc. Visibility System to integrate Global Visibility and Systems Connectivity across the Supply Chain.

FNS, Inc. delivers Value Added Logistics Solutions on a Global Scale with a customized approach to meet the client’s needs and demands.

Service Scope

Service Scope

Our Customers

FNS, Inc. provides total logistics services to about 1,000 customers in such diverse industries as electronics, machinery, chemicals, oil refining, and construction.

Electronics & Hi-Tech
Construction & Machinery
Chemical & Oil
Consumer goods
Auto Pats & Tire